Awesomeness Under the Tree~Simple Gifts for the Grown-Up Girl

Christmas is coming fast, and for a lot of people who haven’t done any shopping for the grown-up women in their lives I figured I’d help you out. Below I’ve added some links to my favorite things. I’ve been wearing and/or using everything I’ve listed and can attest to their awesomeness! Get moving soon, though, because many companies aren’t promising… Read more →

Saying “Yes” and Jewgafest

Saying “yes” to a four-hour yoga-fest at Beth Meyer Synagogue on a Sunday afternoon was exactly what I needed… Guided mediation; breathing in (and out) sweetness and kindness and warmth. Spending time with other women (22 to 82!) doing mindful and supported yoga, slowing down to feel every inch of bone and muscle and skin and flesh. Connectedness at its… Read more →

Space and Time

It didn’t matter what he was or was not, what he wanted or didn’t want. It wasn’t important that she’d been bad, good, or anything in between. She’d never felt more in her skin than in that moment across the table from him. A calm had been created, an unfamiliar place for a high-strung girl who’d been spinning her wheels for… Read more →

Rag & Bone Newbury Boot Love

As a girl who’s picky about her boots (and bags and clothes and shapes, etc.), I’m singing joyous songs of praise for my Rag & Bone Newbury boots. Yes, they’re a fortune for a single mom working for her living. Yes, they are tall(ish) for an everyday boot. But, despite this, they’re perfect. They’re pretty on the feet. The leather is gorgeous.… Read more →


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