Youth Art Month – Exposure to Art and Art Education for Kids

What feels like a lifetime ago, at a point in my evolution where I was a little bit lost, I wandered upon a fine arts course at the Academy of Art, San Francisco, entitled, “Figure Drawing.” I, having never drawn a figure in my life other than your basic stickies, found myself in a room full of artists attempting to… Read more →

On Falling in Love AKA Pretty Princess Thinking

I used to think the concept of falling in love was magical. It meant that something dramatic and intense was happening. Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, winding and lurching toward that thing called love. But, somewhere along the path my thoughts about this phrase, and our societal view that this is how love happens began to feel like… Read more →

A Libra Girl’s Guide to Christmas Without Kids

Since last Friday I’ve been without my kids. I’ll get them back in exactly seven days, the day after Xmas 2014/even year/his year not mine. I could’ve been really bummed out by the idea of this first Christmas without my girls, but the truth is I tried to see and live the good while I was with them, and then… Read more →

Awesomeness Under the Tree~Simple Gifts for the Grown-Up Girl

Christmas is coming fast, and for a lot of people who haven’t done any shopping for the grown-up women in their lives I figured I’d help you out. Below I’ve added some links to my favorite things. I’ve been wearing and/or using everything I’ve listed and can attest to their awesomeness! Get moving soon, though, because many companies aren’t promising… Read more →


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