Throw Back Thursday; 70s Style Edition

One of my tasks this morning was to tape up the wide, paper box of old photos, so that it could be moved to the garage, next to the stack of my things; waiting, ready to be moved.

But first, I took the opportunity to let my fingers walk through the images. How could I not?

History in a box.

It reminded me that one of these days I need to transfer all of the digital images of my own children out of my phone and into a box for them to finger through one day.

I came across some gems, like this one of me circa 1978 wearing an outfit that looks awfully similar to one I wore just last week!

Do you dress like you did when you were 7?


Easy pieces to replicate. All you need is a striped shirt, a cross body bag, dark wide legged jeans, and clogs. You're good to go.

Four easy pieces; a striped shirt, a cross-body bag, dark wide-legged jeans, and clogs. Put your hair up in a ponytail and you’re good to go. Channeling the seventies all the way.

PLAY Comme des Garçons® stripe heart tee at J Crew. Wait until this one gets marked down. Seriously.

Elbow-sleeve tee in stripe with anchor

Another option at J Crew is the elbow-sleeve tee in stripe with anchor.

MiH Wide-Legged Jeans at Anthropologie. I wrote about MiH a few weeks ago, and after trying them I have to report that they run at least two sizes small (IMO).

J Brand, JBRN-3041 2243 Valentina,

J Brand 2243 Valentina High Waisted Flare. Really seventies. Really high. Really love these, but they are much higher waisted than anything I own.

Chloe Marcie Cross Body Bag available at Barney’s and Neiman Marcus.

My Tory Burch Amanda Hobo that I’ve been carrying for about two years. It’s the perfect bag for me and I love it, so I’ll carry it until it falls apart. It’s how I “do bags.” Still available at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

Swedish Hasbeens Covered High. Pretty close to the original, I think.