Mascaras are notoriously difficult to create without the addition of toxins and synthetic dyes. Because they require a relatively long shelf life, they’re most always filled with parabens (mimicking estrogen, found in 98% of breast cancers) that slowly seep into our bodies causing all kinds of problems.

But even if we can get past the toxicity issue, for the sensitive among us, a life without luscious lashes is better than an afternoon of clawing out our eyeballs from annoying allergic reactions.

Since last summer (thanks Beautycounter) I’ve been much more careful about the products I use on myself and my kids, switching out everything from baby wipes to shampoo to hand soap to dish washing detergent.

A recent visit to Nicole and Fiquet at Raleigh’s Luxe Beauty Boutique led to the conversation about mascara. Thanks to Fi’s thoughtful buying, working hard to carry luxurious lines that are free of nasty toxins, I’m finally able to swipe with ease. As a sensitive green-eyed girl, and for other girls like with the same itchy eyeballs, the Ellis Faas I was given has been the solution to my mascaraless life.

Yes. It does contain some methyl and propylparabens (a high level 10 for toxicity), but out of the twenty-one other ingredients included, all of which rate fair to moderate on the safety scale, The Environmental Working Group’s overall rating is a 5; a moderate score, better than most.

And function… Easy swipe. Great color. Not clumpy. Long lasting, yet removable with a (toxic free) baby wipe. Dries pretty quickly.

Ellis Faas for the win.

Can’t bat your lashes at that.


Valentine lashes
Valentine Lashes at Ellis Faas. Obviously editorial, but how gorgeous is that!

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    • I love the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database ( You can put products into the search box and it gives you a safety rating. In the U.S. there aren’t laws to protecting us like there are in Europe, so I’ve been working with a company called Beautycounter that’s doing amazing things with beauty and safety. Not in the UK but I’ll let you know when they come!

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