“I wish that without me your heart would break.

I wish that without me you’d be spending the rest of your nights awake.”

– Kate Nash’s Nicest Thing

When an affair ends abruptly (love or other) there’s a bit of time when nothing can console. Music is the only thing that helps; the only thing that puts into perspective what your heart won’t allow your brain to accept.

The beautiful and talented Kate Nash’s 2007 Made of Bricks is on repeat as I lick my rebounding wounds.

This wound licking won’t take long.

But a girl has to ponder all of the feelings she had for Mr. Unavailable before she’s ready to move on to to Mr. Wonderful.

It has to happen.

And sadly nowhere is it written that it’s ever any fun.


Click play. So totally worth it.

6 Comments on Wound Licking Sing Song

  1. Totally worth it, and while the journey can be rocky, in the end it will be worth it…for all that experience will make you appreciate Mr. Wonderful all the more when he arrives. sending you a big hug! xoxoxo Miss you!

    • Love you sweetie! I just wrote a follow up piece that’s all about the girlfriends who reminded me of who I am… like you!!! XX

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