Black and Blue Ewwww to You?

As I got ready for my third interview with the fashion forward company I’d really love to be a part of, I did the old, crazy closet dance.

What to wear? What to wear? What to wear?

One wants to express a bit of style in an interview, but not so much that it takes away from the words that come forth from one’s mouth. In fashion, though. Creativity still needs to be expressed. To a point.

My go-to, blue BlankNYC’s were chosen. So were my Aldo black wedge boots. But choosing a top, as usual, was a struggle (busty girls need tops, too, too, too).

Eventually (after two Anthropologie tunic/dresses that would have worked but felt meh) I chose my All Saints Jersey Navy Pia dress topped off with a black blazer from 19 lalala, and then grabbed my stuff to leave (notice the Ted Baker tote….I’m in love).

As I began to drive, looking down at what I’d worn I thought…. sheeeet. Black and blue! Why did I chose black and blue?

The truth is that I love the mix. It’s one of my favorite combination, since both black, and blue, are favorites on their own.

But Monica’s voice stuck in my head. As did my mother’s. And countless other friends who say, “Ewwwww. Black and blue!”

In the end, I’m not sure my interviewer noticed, or at least she seemed not to mind. She was pretty fashiony herself in a belted army green vest over embroidered skirt, flats, and big giant grey snood with bright orange string woven skillfully within (so good it hurt).

I want this job, guys. I’d be so good at it. And I’d be able to express my fashion loving side alongside other fashion minded girls. A job that I’d love where I could play with clothes?

Come on! Black and blue isn’t ewwwwww, and some things should just be.


How do you feel about black and blue? What about Interview chic? Depends on the place of business, of course. 


As I look at this I realize I could have pulled my Vince navy Boucle. It would have worked and made the haters not hate.


19. February 2014 by Martha Merrill
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  1. I got over the blue black thing years ago once I realized that Prada not only uses the combo as their store uniforms but also are huge promoters of the Color combo. I have since embraced it, clean chic! You look fab, any news on the job!? Xo

    • You know what’s really funny… I stood back to look in my closet the other day and realized that everything is black and navy!!!

  2. You look fabulous. I used to not like the black/blue combination either but now I really love it. My fingers are crossed for you and this job!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Friday Round-Up: Own itMy Profile

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