Dresses and Waistlines — Drop it Like it’s Hot

SHOP! Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Net-a-Porter.com

Victoria Beckham’s pale pink wool drop waist dress made exclusively for Net-a-Porter.

It’s all Joanna’s fault (I say with so much love)!

She does this to me.

She up and posts a picture of herself in something I’ve admired from a far. Something that I’ve been uncertain would “work on me,” but works on her, satisfying the “trend in fashion” loving sides of us both.

Today, her posting not only talks about her obsession with black and navy (great minds think alike), but also discusses the return of the drop waist dress, like VB’s for her own S/S 14 collection (royally panned when she wore it at NYFW if you recall). Joanna’s Marks and Spencer version fits closer to the body, and is really sweet in its shaping.

So, once again I’ve been pushed over the fashion hump from I’m not sure to but I really want to!

With proper styling (booties and a good dose of metal hanging from the neck and wrist), this 42-year-old mother is going to let herself fly free in fashion forwardness. I’m much too old to drop it like it’s hot, but in dresses? Why not have some fun!


Drop it or not? It seems that opinions fall very strongly on either side of the waistline.

Diamond Jacquard Textured Drop Waist Dress Clothing

Marks and Spencer Diamond Jacquard Textured Drop Waist Dress. And one more thing…. the Victoria Beckham Collection dress that everyone hated had a secret crinoline hidden inside to help the dress keep its shape. Anything with a secret crinoline deserves a little love.


03. March 2014 by Martha Merrill
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  1. These are so cute…and unfortunately do nothing for my pear shaped body. But..I would love to see a selfie of long legged gorgeous YOU in these – with tons of metal around your neck.

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