It Was All Yellow

March 23, 2012 § 12 Comments

I had planned on hitting the road this morning for my first run back, but the pollen that poofed from the pine trees in Raleigh is too thick, covering everything living and dead with a coat of yellow dust.

Instead of pushing it and risking a sinus infection, plus the fact that overall I feel a little “spent,” means it’s a good time to take it easy and do a little cleanse.

Cleansing typically means a hiatus from the gunk that is consumed too often. This equals less empty calories ingested overall as the organs moves to absorb the easily digested juices and nutrients from the whole foods that are being consumed (in my case only at lunch). The body begins to reboot by flushing out the yuck that has been festering inside. It’s a process that takes a little while, which scares some people off. I, having done this once before, have seen the benefits first hand and am excited to give it another go.

With less calories being consumed from sources that are considered to be a problem for some (dairy, red meat, wheat, caffeine and sugar), comes what I describe as the lovely day 1 headache.

Instead of complaining or fixating or reaching for the coffee to make it go away, I have spent my morning at Whole Food collecting the good stuff (more chia, almond milk, flax meal, beautiful greens, etc.) and have an afternoon play date scheduled where I’ll spend my time holding a very small and sweet newborn.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and total health will not happen overnight, but every little step is one closer in the appropriate direction.


The Clean Cleanse

Gorgeous just pulled from the ground spinach.

Spinach, 2 kinds of kale, 1/2 cucumber, 1 tiny beet, 3 carrots, 2 celery stalks, and 3 small apples. Looks a little like frothy coffee, but without the same zing.


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§ 12 Responses to It Was All Yellow

  • wartica says:

    I agree ; cleansing always makes me feel better!

  • annewoodman says:

    I’ve never done a cleanse… I think I might be one of those people you describe who lack the patience. ; ) As far as running, you have earned a well-deserved break! But I, alas, have not. We did 12.5 yesterday, and I did 4.5 today, with gritty pollen (seriously!) inside my mouth from breathing (I am not sure how people run with their mouths totally closed). Yuck. But this, too, shall pass… sooner, I hope, rather than later.

    • Running in Mommyland says:

      No, you could!!!! If you could run in that air out there, you could most certainly do a cleanse. You’re tough!I have to say I am enjoying a little break, but will be happy when the air is clear and I can go out for an easy jaunt without having to run a certain number of miles. Running without a schedule will be nice.

  • Lori says:

    I was JUST thinking about doing a cleanse! I figured after a marathon would be a perfect time and I could flush any carbs that might still be hanging around from last week!

  • kaitwatts says:

    I just started mine a couple of days ago and posted about it too! Great minds think alike.

  • Not sure I have the will power to cleanse but I have a bag of chia sitting on my counter and I tried almond milk for the first time this morning on my cereal – I loved it…baby steps I guess – that might cancel out the impact of the 5 mini eggs I just ate:)

    • Running in Mommyland says:

      I bet you’ve got the will power, but I have had about a hundred thoughts today about throwing in the towel and eating straight from the box of mini graham crackers in the pantry. Just have to remind myself it’s not forever and I will feel better after. p.s. Next time you eat a mini egg savor one for me! 🙂

  • I’m assuming had have to give up the wine too? That’s that bit that freaks me out:)

    • Running in Mommyland says:

      Actually, I don’t really partake in the libations! I don’t really know why? My husband thinks I could use a drink, though! 🙂

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