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A few years back I decided I’d try a maxi dress. I found a great one at Forever 21 that cost next to nothing. It was stretchy and comfortable and cool (in both style and temperature), slim to the knee and finished with a two foot gathered hem, which spoke loudly to my inner Mother Earth.

But as happens when I take fashion risks, I got it home, tried it on, and lost my nerve. The rules for an apple-shaped girl with boobs and skinny legs screamed, “NO!”

Fitted is what works. Tent like is tough, so back it went (and fast).

With the resurgence of warm weather the maxi dressed mammas have re-appeared. They are at pre-school and the grocery store, walking down the street and playing in the park. I eye them with a mix of envy for their ability to pull of the fashion risk and hope that I might find one (one day) for my frame that would allow me to play in the game.

There’s a bunch that I like that I’ve seen and so I’ll dip my toe into maxi-million territory by posting some of my favorites.

Who knows, though? With all of the evolving that’s been going on lately, a maxi dress just might act as the finishing piece to not only round out the warm weathered wardrobe, but be the catalyst for a summer of self acceptance (I will like myself in this tent, I will like myself in this tent).

The more I think about it, the better it sounds.

Monochrome Maxi Dress

Monochrome Maxi from Cheap Monday at Asos.

maxi dress

Anthropologie Maxi. This is way chic, but sadly, I don’t do strappy.

Red maxi dress

This I would do. Sleeves, yes. Color, yes. Still a bit sack like, yes. But I like it.

Holy Maxi Dress, Women, Dresses, AllSaints Spitalfields

Holy Maxi Dress AllSaints Spitalfields. I doubt I’d have a place to go where this would be appropriate and I’m note sure that it would work on my shape, but in my dreams I am wearing it with a pair of flat golden sandals and hair that’s been coiffed and set with flowers. I love it that much!

Splendid. Could easily be a part of the mommy clothes board on Pinterest.

Ella Moss. A little ikat, a little space dye, a little tribal. Love it!

Nettie Silk Lace Up dress at Calypso.


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§ 7 Responses to Maxi-Million

  • Did you place an order with AllSaints yet? My jumpsuit is on it’s way today! I hope it works:) Love that dress but never done a maxi dress – my legs a probably my best asset so I like to flaunt them:) Call me a hussy…:)

    • Running in Mommyland says:

      I know! I feel the same way about my legs, but it’s so damned hot here! Would love to be easy breezy! I didn’t place an order yet. So many sizes are out, so I might have to wait and watch. I google+1 messaged them to find out if they sell in stores here. No Bloomies nearby. 😦

  • Theresa says:

    Haha, another blogger kept talking about maxi dresses and I kept thinking to myself “what the heck is a maxi dress?”. I don’t typically prefer balloon-y either, but I bet if I could find the right style and color I’d get one.
    You need to get one and post a pic of yourself in it. πŸ™‚

  • mikafry says:

    I love the femininity and elegance of a maxi dress and actually have a few in my closet. They tend to camouflage lots of figure flaws, which I love. LOL about the tent-like self-acceptance mantra. I find it does take a bit of guts to wear a maxi dress. My most recent purchase was a beyond floor length black & white v-neck halter dress, which although is very flattering, again will take a bit of courage to wear. Well, why not? We can rock this trend! πŸ™‚ If not now, then when?

    • Running in Mommyland says:

      Now! I want to wear them now! I’m beginning the hunt today. Wish me luck….. πŸ™‚

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