Adrenaline Wakey Wakey

March 17, 2012 § 9 Comments

I knew there wouldn’t be much sleep the night before the race, but the adrenaline has already kicked in, which surprises me a little.

I’d already been up to pee at least five times during the night (hydrating, et al.) and it was so hot in the girls room (where I slept) that Grace tossed and turned until eleven. I was up before five when I gave in (or gave up, depending how you look at it).

Only a hormone being excreted from my adrenals could be responsible for my alertness at this hour. I am, after all, heading out for my first marathon in exactly twenty-four. Adrenaline combined with mixed emotions packs a powerful punch.

Hope to rest tonight, but it’s looking bleak.

Off to drink something green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Green juice and race nails. The girl at the nail place ixnayed red flames. I settled for bright pink as a base with ombre lines, but she ended up convincing me the lines wouldn't show up and so we went pale. Sometimes you just have to go with the artist's vision. As Grace says, "SOmetimes you just get what you get!" We may paint them over red today.....






In Only Six Words – A Writing Tool

March 13, 2012 § 4 Comments

A few weeks ago I ran across a writing blog that was created to help all writers with the process.

Always a learner, I fell madly in love with a tool to get the words flowing that didn’t require fussy things like sentence structure or proper grammar.

Usually I love those parts of our language, but with a mere five days until the big day and because my brain has decided to take a short vacation, I figured I’d give it a try.

ME. Poetic self descriptions and thoughts in only six words:

Calm, ready, race is a comin’

Drink water please hydrate that bod

Kids whine, but mommy whines louder

Seventy not part of training plan

Will miss my jacket running without

Library groceries mom take these kids

Eat right juice now nutrition only

Swedish fish only count when crying

The list could go on and on. Even if you aren’t a writer, it’s a fun activity to play in the car or with your kids!

Love my blog love you more!


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Twenty-Two Squares

February 25, 2012 § 9 Comments

Yesterday, Mother Nature played a trick by sending temperatures soaring near eighty with a high and hard humidity. This on a late February Winter day! My scheduled five-mile run was cut short when my panting and sweating evoked a pained and attitudinal me. I like running in the heat about as much as I enjoy Bikram, which I’ve suffered through twice. I know that people love it, but I am bothered that it’s called yoga when it doesn’t stand for anything that my yoga means to me. Both times I went, I left convinced that it’s really a form of torture that should be saved as punishment for the very worst of the human race.

Having just returned from an absolutely frigid yet sunny and bright six miles, I am reminded of why I love Winter running. When the air is cold and you breathe it in it fills and expands the lungs better than anything else can. The sweat that is produced by the movement of the body doesn’t drip into your eyes or fog up your glasses. It evaporates more quickly and the salt works as a heating element, protecting places like a forehead or a neck from the cold. Extremities, mine which are always more hot than the rest of me, don’t mind the sting of the air. As long as a person is dressed properly, running in the cold is about as good as it gets.

As I rounded the final street corner before heading home I noticed three men in hooded sweatshirts walking up ahead of me. I had a choice, either cut across the grass to avoid them or shoot by and hope their eyes wouldn’t become fixed on my rear end as it raced by. I reminded myself that I’m a tough chick who doesn’t need to be intimidated by the hooded backs of strange men sauntering along the road. I pulled my long sleeve Swiftly down tight around my hips and cruised past them on the right.

Once back at the computer, with iCal pulled up, I counted the twenty-two squares until death or glory.

It’s time to figure some things out and attend to the calendar.

1. I must make an appointment for Katniss nails. I don’t know if I should schedule one for my toes to be worked on too, but it may be a good idea should I decide to have a massage after the race. I can only imagine the horror of pulling off my socks after 26.2 and asking some poor soul to rub my soles. Once upon a time I had pretty feet, but all of the running has made it necessary for my toe nails to be cut much too short to avoid any chance of them falling right off. Calluses and bits of toughness have replaced any softness; the price one pays for hours of stomping pavement, often without a good covering of Aquaphor first (sometimes I’m just too busy).

2. The hope that the CW-X pants would be my race go-to’s has been shattered. I don’t love them, I’ve decided. As sad as it makes me to give something a bad review, I’ve been spoiled by Luxtreme and have a nagging itch to head to Lululemon for new race day pants. This is ridiculous as I don’t need another pair of pants. My Dash tights have brought me this far and in a way I do feel a loyalty to them. A loyalty to my pants? Yes, an actual and real loyalty.

3. I’ve got to place an order for more GU. I must not forget!

4. An issue, of sorts, is where to carry my phone. At the beginning of training I was an  iTouch arm band listener, but the twisting of the band to adjust my music became a time issue and I’d more often than not mess it up and have to slow down to fix the thing. Since Christmas, my iPhone has lived happily in the front pocket of the vest or jacket choice for the day. This leads to the question, what will race day weather be like and how will that affect the place I stash my phone? I can hope for weather like this morning, and in that case I’d wear my vest or even my LLL Essential Jacket (which I am loyal to like my pants). If the weather is warm I could still wear my vest with a short run swiftly and probably be alright. My Fuel Belt doesn’t have room for my phone, which is crazy I think. I may have to look into an extra waist belt, but I’d really love to stay away from any more gear purchases if it can be managed.

4. My hair is being colored on the twelfth. I’m not actually coloring my hair for the race, because that would be nuts. I’m pretty “light” already and have relegated hair coloring to only twice a year. Any more than that becomes too time consuming and I honestly don’t care all that much. I pretty much got talked into another coloring by the girl that I saw for my last cut. Once you get hair girls talking about color, their enthusiasm sucks me right in. I guess in a way I deserve a little pampering; a little gift to myself for all this hard work that’s been put toward the cause? I really want a big red streak, but I’ll probably go for what we talked about; a bunch of bleachy highlight like Grace with some strawberry thrown in for Soph.

The rest of the planning will have to wait until it’s closer, because it concerns the other people in my life.

My Peach has decided to spend the night so that I can leave early in the morning and she can bring the girls later to meet me at pit stops along the way. I told the littles that they will have to wave and shout with all their might, “Run, Mom, Run!” I’m unsure if they will be able to grasp what I’m doing, but hope that they’ll have a memory I can explain later (when they are bigger).

I had asked Brian to drive me the morning of, because I don’t really want to be alone, but he isn’t a morning person and might be happier going later with the rest of the family. This will be up in the air until the last minute, I am sure. I might need to focus before the race anyway and fussing with my sleepy husband about his speed on the road or parking ability might not be the way to go.

Next up are twenty miles on schedule for Monday.

I’m not great at math, but I like numbers and find certain combinations of them interesting, like the date 12/02/2012 or how there are exactly five twelve-minute miles in an hour.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that I will run twenty miles with twenty days to go.

It feels like a good sign, but fingers are (as always) tightly crossed.

Aquaphor. Best stuff on Earth from diaper rash to crusty feet!

Flashy Fingers: A Lesson in Katniss Everdeen Nail Art

Katniss from The Hunger Games. My running partner.

Lululemon Run Essential Jacket. Mine is black. Best piece of run clothing I own, next to everything Dash.

RUN: Swiftly Tech LS

Run Swiftly Long Sleeve. A great base layer if ever there was one. I buy mine one size bigger for those moments when I need coverage.

Girl On Fire Nails

February 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was talking to Sophie about painting my nails bright pink with red flames for the race, as an homage to Katniss (Girl on Fire) from the Hunger Games; both as inspiration to keep me going and as a “thank you” for helping me through so many long runs.

These are much prettier than what I imagined…. love them!


Our Valentine edition continues – today we wanted to try a nail art design that wasn’t all about flowers and heart, but something that can be done in any colour and still look great all year around. The gobstopper nail, or the layered ruffian is our latest favourite. This design looks great ombred so we used a v-day palette to go with our theme.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nail with Sally Hansen – Presto Pink. This colour is a perfect pop of pink to begin our look that won’t get lost with the addition of different shades.

Step 2: Using American Apparel – Angeline, a deeper hot pink, paint a ruffian design over your base colour. Start at the far side of the nail and try to drag the polish in one swift motion to the opposite side  – this helps create a perfectly curved line. We used the…

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